Cosmoway | ABOUT
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COSMOWAY is an advanced producer of cosmetics & beauty products that develops and manages its own brands and provides cosmetics development and manufacturing services to various countries of the world.

“Our story began with love. We fell in love with cosmetics that plays a very important role and cannot be considered simply as a daily commodity held in your bathroom. We treat cosmetics as pleasant sensation, versatile beauty and belief that even the smallest things can make people happy. Even a gentle stroke of cream after a sweet night’s sleep or a hard day“, – says Justė Pinkevičienė, one of the members of the COSMOWAY team.

The company started its activity from development of Body Care Products for foreign markets and various international brands. Currently COSMOWAY actively produces face, body and hair care products for Italian, Danish, Portuguese and other European brands. Experience gained in foreign markets encouraged the producer of cosmetics & beauty products to create their own brands that are exclusive not only by their composition but also by the missions developed.

COSMOWAY cooperates with innovators of components of cosmetics & beauty products from all around the world (France, Israel, Italy and Switzerland). The company’s products meet the highest manufacturing standards.