Cosmoway | Our team
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Our team

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Vitalijus Voleika,

,,The achievements of COSMOWAY depends on all our professional team members, our specialists, who are applying innovative solutions and methods in cosmetics creation and production. Eyes which shows desire to work, stubbornness for reaching the goals and teamwork – that’s what drives us and makes us stand out from others.
Products are created with values based on love, openness and constant development, so we value the efforts, initiatives and ideas of each employee.”

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Justė Pinkevičienė,
Marketing director

“You know that feeling when you get chills from very pleasant sensations? I feel these chills everyday while working in COSMOWAY. I fell in love with the world of beauty when I was 16 years old.
It was my dream to have cosmetics producing factory. I wouldn’t be able to create It all by myself as it requires knowledge in a lot of different areas. I’m thankful to my fate, because I met people who are real professionals in their field and that we became a real team. Each of us working in COSMOWAY – are the biggest treasure of the company. And the best gift to us – Our clients compliments to our products.”

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Raimundas Dautartas,
Manufacturing director

“I started to work at COSMOWAY when I was still a student. I was hired when the company was recently created so I can say that me and the company were growing, learning and improving together.
I am happy to work in a company where there is no routine because cosmetics manufacturing process is complicated and requires the highest quality standarts, so ensuring the smooth running of all the processes is an interesting challenge.
The thing I appreciate the most, is that at COSMOWAY I have an opportunity to communicate and learn from my colleagues who are true professionals in their working fields. There is no other team as this one.”

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Viktorija Liutkutė,
R&D director
“In my early study years, I understood that I want to work in a beauty industry and to make cosmetics. This desire was established by one of my lecturers when I was still studying Applied Chemistry. I am still very grateful to my lecturer that she helped me to find my true future path.
In COSMOWAY we respect each other, listen and appeciate everyone’s opinion. I am grateful that everyday I can do what I love the most: create new product formulas, make products, test them and make adjustments. I feel that in this work I am improving my skills and growing together with the whole team, which consists of young and motivated people who sometimes can be a little bit crazy!”


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Vesta Belovienė,
Important clients manager

“Working in COSMOWAY is something that I simply love. Every day. Cosmetics is my passion. COSMOWAY team is special because of the team spirit. We feel like family. One for all and all for one.
We are always interested in the prevailing tendencies in the cosmetics market, looking for the most qualitative and innovative skin and hair products.“

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Augustė Šarkauskaitė,

,,I started my career at COSMOWAY as a student in biotechnology science, doing an intership in a laboratory, and today I’m happy that I can realize myself as a laboratory assistant. Working in the lab is a challenge, but the irreplaceable lifelong and work experience of older workers, from which we learn, helps to deal with everything.
During these years that I spent working for this company, I see a very high growth and determination to grow even more. It motivates me to work even more and better because I realize that I am a part of this family: one small detail, in one big mechanism and I try to keep that mechanism intact.‘’

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Indrė Maziukaitė,
Project manager

“COSMOWAY is the company which is full of innovations, is stubborn and ready to take non-standard solutions, seeks the highest quality not only in production manufacturing but also in communicating with clients and partners.
I am glad to work in the company where I can freely express my opinion which is always being listened and taken into account. When working, I feel like an important part of the team which contributes in creating, improving and seeking for the common goals of the company.
Our team is not big but very friendly and ready to always help you. The team consists of young and enthusiastic professionals who are always improving their knowledge and skills, seeking for the higher results.
I know that we sell high quality products which are created with love. You can even find them in my own bathroom. For these reasons, I feel brave and trust myself when communicating with our clients.”