Cosmoway | GREEN FEEL’S cosmetics
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GREEN FEEL’S cosmetics

It would be great to write everyone a personal letter of presentation and we are certain that we will be able to do this in the future. But first we present our new Lithuanian cosmetics line GREEN FEEL’S.

Why we develop cosmetics & beauty products? Because we want you to feel essential needs of the skin and hair. The products of the cosmetics line GREEN FEEL’S do not treat skin conditions and have not been developed to ensure an effect of botox injections. The products have been developed to ensure essential functions of cosmetics products by discovering as smarter formula of beauty product as possible. Thus, our aim is to use as many components while developing the products of GREEN FEEL’S line as required to ensure essential formulas of cosmetics & beauty products and their highest quality. Thanks to this we are able to develop the products that are safe to use by all family members. And we are not afraid to translate a composition of our products from a difficult nomenclature language to clearly understandable Lithuanian language (please keep the cream box for future referral).

How do we do that? First of all we believe that cosmetics & beauty products must be developed by professionals of beauty industry. The formulas of our new cosmetics & beauty products are developed by professionals representing the fields of chemistry, cosmetology and marketing only. Thus, we are not supporters of dilettante activity because, in our opinion, it can have extremely adverse effects on then skin and hair. In order to find innovative ingredients of cosmetics & beauty products we constantly keep trace of the latest news. Thus, we are destroying the myths that Lithuanian cosmetics & beauty products cannot be innovative. We love our work because it is closely related to beauty. And this is the most important thing.