COMPOSITION : The purpose of the GREEN FEEL’s cosmetics is to make you feel strong and safe, as you can be confident you know what you are applying to your hair, skin and teeth. We promise to give you this sense of confidence, through our accountability and honesty, with no secrets… We take responsibility for our products and provide detailed information regarding all the ingredients in every product and explain why each ingredient was used. This information is displayed on the product packaging and on this website, in the product delivery section. All the ingredients’ names are given in the INCI (INCI – International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) list. So, when you choose our cosmetics, you will no longer need to analyse the complex names of ingredients as we are 100 % open with you.

CREATION PROCESS:  specialists of highest qualifications have researched the needs of your skin, teeth and hair, so we can discover the best strategies for your body care and oral hygiene. Our chemistry specialists create the composition of products, with the goal of discovering the best combinations of the advanced and natural ingredients. We evaluate the products’ efficiency in the independent laboratories, and we carry out the production in the COSMOWAY factory, as approved by the good manufacturing practise certificate and is surrounded by the beauties of nature. Our products have won gold medals in the category of the Lithuanian cosmetics and, many of our products are recognized by the international COSMOS NATURAL certificate. GREEN FEEL’s products are recognized not only in Lithuania, but are also gaining popularity in the other foreign markets.

WE PROTECT NATURE: all GREEN FEEL’s cosmetics is made solely with green Lithuanian energy from renewable energy sources, such as the sun, water or wind. We use ecologically friendly GREENLEAF tubes for the toothpastes and other body products and hair care products. Only a minimal amount of plastic is used in the production of these tubes. We also have a sorting memory note designed for sorting the packages of cosmetics, this information is provided on our website (section: environmental policy), as well as the boxes, and attendees at exhibitions or during the special events at points of sale. We only use cardboard boxes for our products, and we perform the packaging process as responsibly as possible, incorporating as much product information as possible.

EDUCATION IS IMPORTANT: our goal is to share the facts about the creation of our cosmetics with our clients, so they can use the products most effectively and break away from beauty myths. We invite you to subscribe our monthly beauty newsletter, visit the rubric BEAUTY BLOG and follow the project BEAUTY MYTH BUSTERS, one of the project initiators Justė Pinkevičienė – co-owner of COSMOWAY and one of the creators of GREEN FEEL’s cosmetics.