Business model

COSMOWAY is an advanced cosmetics manufacturer that can offer you not only products under its own brands, but also to design and efficiently produce cosmetics that meet your business goals.

Collaboration on private label projects

  • Efficient production of cosmetics according to the chemical formulas and product packaging provided by you.
  • Development of chemical formulas for cosmetics according to your needs.
  • Packaging design development: from primary to secondary packaging.
  • Development of a strategy for the development of cosmetics brands, because competitive cosmetics are much more than a functional product for everyday use. Let your users feel the emotion of true beauty emanating from the brand you manage.


The COSMOWAY team consists of: specialists in chemistry, cosmetology, marketing sciences. The company is managed by Vitalijus Voleika, who has more than 10 years of international experience in the field of sales in the beauty industry.

Vitalijus Voleika



Marija Patricija Mažūnaitė

Export Manager