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GREEN FEEL’S Firming face cream with collagen


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This cream is suitable for all skin types and delivers ingredients that over time and through research have been shown to retain the youth of your skin. The active components of the product include NIACINAMIDE (vitamin B3), COLLAGEN, HYALURONIC ACID, and a blend of natural SIMMONDSIA and VEGETABLE oils.

Effectiveness tests carried out by an independent lab have confirmed that this cream:

  • FIRMS the skin
  • helps reduce the depth of WRINKLES
  • helps to EVEN out skin tone
  • MOISTURIZES the skin


Use: apply to clean face and neck in the morning and/or evening. Apply evenly onto the skin, massaging until absorbed. We recommend a skin patch test on the inner arm before use. Avoid contact with eyes.

We pride ourselves on the 100% transparency of our ingredients.

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Healthy, glowing skin, with firmness and elasticity – you will feel your best, and others will admire you for looking your best… Our goal – to identify your skin’s needs, and provide the solution to restore its natural glow.