Oral hygiene

Perfectly clean and healthy teeth. Perfect oral hygiene that is the foundation of a healthy smile. We believe that our oral care products will enhance the beauty of your smile.

Healthy teeth are essential when you want to display the beauty of healthy smile. When creating oral care products, our main goal is to discover the best combinations of active natural ingredients, safe to use for the whole family, so you can achieve the perfect dental cleanliness and comfort by reducing gum sensitivity while strengthening i natural shine and providing exceptional freshness.

Independent laboratories have evaluated the effectiveness of our oral care products and we are constantly working alongside odontologists and other oral care experts, to participate in identify the most effective natural formula, while making the brushing process as enjoyable as possible. Exceptional consistency, pleasant taste and aroma – let your oral hygiene routine become a particularly pleasant ritual of your daily life.

By using GREEN FEEL’S toothpaste, you use less plastic. Due to the extremely low amount of plastic in its composition, the selected GREENLEAF tubes are recognized as environmentally friendly. That is also the reason why the toothpaste tubes are thinner and easier to fold.

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