Who are we?

Our story begins with  falling in love.

We fell in love with the cosmetics market, because every day we create products that help people become healthier and more beautiful.

For us, cosmetics are much more than daily products kept in the bathroom. We are sure that every product of cosmetics has to create the particular senses that you can feel with your own body.

We are sure that every product of cosmetics has to create the particular senses that you can feel with your own body.

May the smallest detail bring you joy –from the gentle cream touch after the sweet sleep or hard day of work. Team says THANK YOU for being here.

– Justė Pinkevičienė, Marketing Director, Cosmoway co-owner

Our company is located in Kaunas district, very close to the Juniper Valley, part of the Kaunas Lagoon Region Park and surrounded by the beautiful Nemunas landscape.  The beauties of nature surrounding the COSMOWAY laboratory help to inspire the team members as they create beauty products with \exceptional love and devotion.
The company started its activities in 2012 from the body care products’ creation for the foreign markets, various international brands. At the moment, COSMOWAY actively manufactures face, body, hair and oral hygiene products, not only for Lithuania, but also for Denmark, Norway, Great Britain, Poland, and the United States of America.



PROFESSIONALISM – new cosmetic product formulas are created only by specialists in chemistry sciences. They apply their scientific knowledge and constant work with the international cosmetics’ laboratories, to discover the best combinations of cosmetic ingredients for skin, hair and oral hygiene. Professionalism – every company procedure has to be performed by the concrete area specialist. Together we share an exceptional team spirit and a real passion for the products we create.

OPENNESS – being open and honest with each client or team member is one of our main company values. This is why our brand GREEN FEEL’s packages and website contain the detailed description of ALL ingredients of our products. This allow the client to feel confident that they fully understand what they are applying on skin, hair or teeth. We take the full responsibility for the products we create and we believe that only the open communication enables us to build strong relationships as we continually grow and improve.

DESIRE TO SURPRISE – undiscovered components, exceptional product design choices, creation of new innovative functions or just creative methods for continuous improvement of our entire professionals’ team. Our goal is the only one – may you appreciate all the surprises we have in store for you.



Our goal is to discover the best combinations of active ingredients in cosmetics that professionally meet your skin, hair and oral hygiene needs.

Why do we create cosmetics? So that you feel the essential needs of your skin and hair.

Constant cooperation with international laboratories, improvement of knowledge of our chemical scientists and exceptional approach of team members to the development of cosmetics, where expertise is inseparable from a passionate desire to contribute to human beauty – all allow our laboratory team to create cosmetic formulas appreciated by Lithuanian and worldwide users.

Augustė Šarkauskaitė, Head of New Products Development Laboratory

COMPETENCES. The COSMOWAY team is convinced that the development of cosmetic formulas should be entrusted only to chemical scientists. After all, these are compositions of active components, which you apply every day on the largest organ of your body – the skin, nourish your hair or seek to ensure proper oral hygiene. For everyday products to be not only effective but also safe, to discover the best interactions between cosmetic ingredients, self-interest in cosmetics and its ingredients alone is certainly not enough – a science that requires exceptional knowledge and expertise.

PARTNERSHIP WITH SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTIONS. Close relations with various scientific institutions are one of the company’s strategic directions, which allows us to constantly improve and be constantly creating exceptional, innovative formulas of cosmetics. Currently, the company is very actively cooperating with Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). KTU has large, modern laboratories and a team of highly qualified researchers who are willing to share their knowledge and contribute to the development of innovative products: “New product development takes a long time, there are constant discussions and consultations with researchers, we are open to new ideas and cooperation” A. Šarkauskaitė.

INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP. COSMOWAY’s new product laboratory team is an annual participant in the largest exhibitions and conferences of cosmetic components. Our chemical scientists are constantly collaborating with international cosmetic laboratories, visiting them and constantly looking for the best solutions in order to create the latest cosmetic formulas in line with the trends in the beauty industry.

COMPREHENSIVE EXPERTISE. Understanding the real needs of skin, hair and oral hygiene is the first step in developing a new cosmetic formula. Dermatologists and dentists are constantly involved in the development of new products, which allow us to identify the most pressing problems of consumers, get to know the human body even better and discover the means to meet the personal hygiene needs of his body as effectively as possible.


Product certification. The task of the project is to promote the competitiveness of the Lithuanian cosmetics manufacturer UAB Cosmoway in foreign markets.

The project will obtain the COSMOS NATURAL certificate according to the ECOCERT / COSMO standard “COSMOS-standard Cosmetics Organic and natural Standard” (Version 3.0-1 September 2018), which is required for smooth development into selected markets. Adherence to international standards is one of the most reliable and effective ways for a company to establish itself in an international context and maintain the competitiveness of its products. The planned results of the project will be reflected in the company’s export growth.

  • The project is financed by UAB Cosmoway’s own funds and the European Regional Development Fund according to 2014-2020. Measure No. of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program 03.2.1-LVPA-K-802 “Expo certificate LT”.
  • roject title – “Cosmoway UAB product certification”
  • Project executor – UAB Cosmoway

Digitization of production processes. The aim of the project is to digitize the company’s production processes, creating conditions for productivity growth. Digital technologies are being introduced, which will allow the company to operate more efficiently, more easily adapt to the changing market, customer needs and streamline work processes.

During the project, a set of modern production equipment will be purchased – a product production line. The new equipment will allow to expand the company’s production capacity, reduce raw materials and e. energy consumption and thus ensure a strong competitive position in the cosmetics market.

  • The project is financed by UAB Cosmoway’s own funds and the European Regional Development Fund according to 2014-2020. Measure No. of the European Union Funds Investment Operational Program No. 03.3.1-LVPA-K-854 “Digitalization of Industry LT”
  • Project title – “Digitization of UAB Cosmoway production processes”
  • Project executor – UAB Cosmoway




Quality, environmental and good manufacturing practice policies

UAB Cosmoway is a cosmetics manufacturing company with an integrated quality, environmental protection and good manufacturing practice management system in accordance with LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 “Quality Management Systems. Requirements ”, LST EN ISO 14001: 2015“ Environmental management systems. Requirements and guidelines for use ”and LST EN ISO 22716: 2008“ Cosmetic products. Good manufacturing practice. Guide to Good Manufacturing Practice (ISO 22716: 2007) ”.

Objective: To produce safe and high-quality products that meet the needs of consumers, implementing the requirements of good manufacturing practice and complying with the environmental protection requirements applicable to the company. To strive for a leading position in the Lithuanian market and increase export volumes.

Strategic tasks, directions of activity

  • To anticipate and assess the future needs of consumers.
  • Apply advanced technologies, expand production, increase the range of products.
  • Apply the principles of good manufacturing practice to ensure the safety and quality of manufactured products.
  • To supervise the implemented management system, to continuously improve the management processes, to strive for the improvement of quality, environmental protection and good production practice efficiency.
  • To carry out the prevention of environmental pollution by economically and rational use of natural and energy resources, by introducing ecologically advanced technical innovations.
  • Systematically raise the qualification of employees at all levels, promote creative initiative and awareness.